Greetings people.

Yesterday I felt like doing curry again.

I went buying the ingredients and this is what you need to do this dish.

  • 500g Fine Chinese noodles
  • 400g Coconut milk
  • 2 x Carrots
  • 1 x Aubergine
  • 1 x Zucchini
  • 6 x mushrooms
  • 100g sprouts
  • curry paste
  • lemon grass
  • coriander
  • black pepper
  • oil

How to prepare:

  1. First mix the coconut milk with the curry paste and the other spices.
  2. Cut the vegetables into pieces easy to chew.
  3. Put a drop of oil into the pan (I used linseed oil) and start adding the vegetables I began with the ones who I thought which would take the longest to be cooked and stir them
  4. After a few minutes add the curry sauce now cover the pan with the lid and lower the heat.
  5. Take a new pot, add water and heat it until it’s boiling. Now you add the fine Chinese noodles and wait for 2-4 min.
  6. When the noodles are finished you mix them up with the curry


I couldn’t take it and I started to eat next time you’ll get a cleaner shot/photo of the dish I do. 🙂

Enjoy the cooking and eating. Have fun creating.