Greetings people.

I just did some yoga and meditation and breathed deep. 🙂
So now I’m reading a book the title is ‘Become what you are’ – Alan Watts and I just want to share some lines with you.

It is made of consciousness and mind.
It is made of life and vision.
It is made of the earth and the waters.
It is made of air and space.
It is made of light and darkness.
It is made of desire and peace.
It is made of anger and love.
It is made of virtue and vice.
It is made of all that is near: It is made of all that is afar.

It is made of all.

Breath deep. Peace



3 thoughts on “Reality

    1. Haha I know him haven’t watched many talks he made but I will. Sadhguru and Ralph Smart from Infinte Waters helped me back and currently Elliott Hulse,and tons of other people. Including you and all those reading, sharing and commenting. Thank you I’m grateful :). Sending love your way to may it be full of surprises.


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