Greetings people.

Since I haven’t mastered the 2nd Part of the programme the 3rd part will be missing. Sorry for the waiting. I became more mindful of my body and especially my mind I also started to meditated with a special person of mine and we’re experiencing funny things/thoughts, which we are sharing afterwards and which surprise us that there are similiar even though we’re “far” away from each other, while in the meditative state. I don’t know if it has to be like in order to calm the mind and learn to focus on something or someone specific to reach for, but it’s like that for the moment and that’s fine.

When sitting meditating/zazen, my body has stopped more or less the trembling and calms “fast” my mind is also becoming more still but from time to time many images are passing through, thoughts connected to picture and building a sphere which is accelerating at a high pace so you cannot really grasp a thought or image. But if I manage to get a grasp on one it feels great and I remember it through the next days until it starts to fade.

Until I grasp the thoughts I want to slow the accelerating thoughts down and break through the middle the 3rd part will be postponed. I don’t think that it will take so long.

Hope your enjoying reading.

Peace. Breath deep. Namaste