Greetings people.

I started to practice yoga and meditate more frequently, currently my mind and my thoughts are just constanly changing there is no real grounding by now.

Thoughts I did have yesterday are becoming none relevant or I’m just thinking about the thoughts differently.
I’m filtering out any thoughts, ideas and societies expectations(which have been implemented in my mind) that could harm myself or people I do care about. Probably that’s why it’s constanly changing because I do get different perspectives through meditation.

I’m going to let all that go and keep a balance and authentic for myself so my surroundings become more balanced. Not letting me be overwhelmed by negative or positive thougts just giving them a space where they I’m free to express.

Especially becoming authentic and more in tune with myself is one of the things I’m currently coming up with. I’m feeling more free to express and I’m not that invested in others perception of myself anymore.
There is still a way to go.

Breath deep. Peace