Still in the moment

Greetings people.

I’m currently just letting life flow, accepting people, things coming in and going when they want. Not really clinging to anything, nor to myself or any other. Going with what emotion comes and observing it.

I hope you’re all doing fine.

I got involved in some interesting topics and people. I will also publish some artworks by the end of this week.

If I’m more into the new topics the I’ll have some posts for you.

I’m still on my medition and on my way doing the excercises. Will take a while I guess until a new part will be posted.

I also quit my job and preparing myself for a journey around. To find myself in the world haha.

Til the next post, cya around

Breath deep and enjoy yourself.



Walking past gains momentum

Walking the path I walked in the past.

The universe and all is one.

Funny to see how everything changes.

You could say the environment only changes because of you

And the you is only changing because of the environment.

Without the you, the self, the observing mind.

Nothing can be observed.

So you can observe nothing by not observing. Haha

This is all so paradox but logic in a sense.

It’s probably really like that.

That without the constant vibration of your body and energy.

You wouldn’t exist at all, but would exist everywhere.


Don’t know if you can grasp the thought, but I hope you do because I’m tired.


Breath deep. Namaste.



Purposeful will

Greetings people,

As promised here comes the third, I told that I would post a part every week but I took  a bit longer for this part of the programme. But glad I took my time experiencing it fully.

For me I came to realize it even more that our thoughts are cause of our experiences which are the effect. The individual being is acting on the universal. So thought is cause and experience effect, while action is the one connecting them both.

So therefore negative thought isn’t getting you anywhere, complaining about conditions as they have been or as they doesn’t matter it rests with you change them, what you would like them to be.

Direct your effort to your mental resources which are always at your command and from which all real and lasting power comes.

Just persist in this way and come to the realizing fact that there can be no failure in the accomplishment of any proper object in life. Understand that the mind-forces are ever ready to lend themselves to persistent and purposeful will, this is to crystallize thought and desire into actions, events and conditions.

It’s like with every movement you’re learning, if you take martial-arts for example. Doing a kick or a specific technique once won’t  do it at all. You must practice, a thousand times only to learn how to use it, then to master it another thousand times and so on and so on. But why is it like this? Imagine the movement like a conscious thought, you need to act upon this a thousand times just like the kick the so it becomes an automatic movement and passes into the realm of the subconscious mind the solar plexus. It is necessary for is handling all the things we need in our daily life so the conscious mind the brain is freed from these detail and advance to still other activities to learn grow more.

The solar plexus is the point where all energy is meeting, it’s life itself there is no limit to the amount of life and individual may generate from this solar centre, because it is connected with the universal.

When you understand and realize this, you have found a source of power within yourself with which you can take care of any situation in life which may develop.

So to start our next exercise, not only sit perfectly still in meditation and have an overview over your thoughts but also try starting to relax, let go of all the tension you have, this will remove the pressure on your nerves. It will enable the blood to circulate freely to and from the brain and body. Because tension leads to abnormal mental activity of the mind or mental unrest, it produces worry,care, fear and anxiety.

Pleasant thought expands it, unpleasant thought lets the solar plexus our muscle contract, that’s where tension is created.

Relax your body, the body is the mirror of our conscious and subconscious.

I think a good example to make it clearer is to look at why people like getting massaged or doing sport or any sort of physical practice everything can be like meditation, especially when their mind is not at rest, the body mirrors it. You can relax your mind not only through the mind itself but through the body you can relax your mind. Sometimes it can be easier done through body exercise when your mind won’t let you rest.

So hope you can follow my words. 🙂 If not you’re free to ask.

Breath deep, be grounded. Let your thoughts float. Relax your body.




No title

Greetings people.

I just meditated and thought about bringing down some thought I had and looked at the time here it’s 10:10 pm, haha really funny. So probably a sign that I’m on the right way where I’m and what I’am. So what am I? An ego-guardian, human, a divine god or everything waiting and observing the data coming in bringing the data in a formation, a pattern which I learned through observing. But since pattern are learned I can manipulate the data, the pattern in this world.

Does that only include my own thoughts and body? Or could it be there is more to that? For example the “reality”, our surrounding that which surrounds us is reflecting us? We’re a reflection of our self, we’re ripples, energy being pushed around, thinking we are  important but we’re just human, we still haven’t really understood. Reflecting reflection of reflection, like a wave, a sound, in -and exhaling, life and death, a cycle, continuing patterns, repeating/reflecting, till we really understand it’s nature.

Without senses there is nothing or not?

When there is nothing around what are we reflecting nothing or everything?

But well, for  me some things/nothings don’t have to be really understood by this analytical mind, more by the unconscious one or is it conscious, here by itself? Haha so paradoxical somehow.

Peace. Breath deep. Namaste _/{}\_





Greetings people.

Imagine you’re all alone in space and you can fulfill every wish you yourself have. You’re able to create galaxies, planets, nature itself, living beings with whom you can enjoy all the things, jump in time back and forth, do all the craziest sports, and what else you can imagine.

Someday everything seems to get quite.

Every dream and wish you have came true. You enjoyed everything.

“What else can I do?”, is the question you have on your mind.

Some time passes you are still enjoying some of your old dreams.

But someday you just sit down and come back to your breath and watch life goes by and an idea comes up.

How about creating multiple beings of myself you think. You think about enjoying life without being able to fulfill any wishes.

Just living in the moment and enjoying. All your energy in motion on the way from one moment to the next one.

So you’ll set your mind in a state compared to sleep to eventually wake up when of the beings you created become you again.

To start the same cycle again.

You yourself would flow through everything though you created everything and you are everything.

You are the moment. You are infinite. You are part of it.


Have fun.



First breath

“He who who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right”

– Confucius

Greetings people and welcome

let’s take a deep breath here, all new nothing old, no expection, the mind is empty and we’re in the moment.

I’m glad to be here.

A few weeks ago I’ve been thinking about a lot. My thoughts were going crazy, I got a lot of thoughts going not only the good ones, but also many negative ones.
I’ve just been consumed by my subconcious mind and old habits, I was kind of aware of it at that time, but I couldn’t change a thing.

Through that I just realized how unconcious I was about myself, my beloved ones, my surroundings, my life, my ideas and dreams.

That was the time when I began to meditate, starting to get a glimpse sense of what spirituality actually is and what empty the mind means. From my current perspective it is the releasing of thoughts which are consuming you and not serving you or other people.
I also started to read more, do more, jogging which I never really  did before, thinking about projects to start which also involve creating this blog.

Now I’m much more aware about myself, my beloved ones and my surroundings and I’m not going to leave it only by that I’m moving towards myself, ideas and dreams by breathing deep and staying calm, not overthinking situations.

Accepting them as they are currently be happy and grateful.

There are still many thoughts on my mind. So it still isn’t an empty mind.

Still hard to be fully in this moment but everything will be fine.

Join in..

Breath deep, enjoy yourself and nature.