A gift?

Greetings people.

It’s like mind is constanly thinking and these thoughts need a while to be transferred into my emotions. But since I started yoga and meditation they’re starting to flow more frequently and express themself in a better way.

Imagine it like starting to spin a wheel (Sanskrit m., चक्र, cakra, engl. Chakra).

Well and indeed it’s spinning.


I’m still reflecting thoughts, emotions and actions from the last months but lately my mind became more calm and grateful.

Every situation is a gift and is given to you for a reason not to hold onto it but it wants you to realize something that’s probably so obvious that when your frequency is low you seem to cannot see through.

Therefore you have to move out of your comfort zone, out of the thinking and controlling ourself not to think negative words or use them in any sense, clear out the mess in your head and appreciate yourself for who you are.

Become what you are.

Recently I just learned the ujjayi breath it gives you so much energy helping to spin your wheel unhooking from thoughts and senses. To me it doesn’t sound like snoring like some are saying, it sounds more like you being at the beach or you yourself being the wave/ocean.

It helps you to calm your mind, less thinking, more breathing. Being in the moment and being the body you are and breath.

Imagine you inhale(through the nose) and pulling the water back, hold the wave/breath for a few seconds and let it slowly go as you exhale(through the nose and sounds like a “haaah”). Repeat it for a few times and feel the breath.
Simply enjoy yourself and express that joy and other will see you, the real you not the mask you’re putting on.
“I’m resolving to just wing it and see what happens.”
― Bill Watterson 

Peace and breath deep.