about me

Greetings people full of mind and feelings wishing you all a warmth welcome.

About me/myself

brealche here, 22 years old, male and living in Germany.

I’m in a process of creating, evolving and learning, changing perception, sharing, loving and expressing myself more.

That’s also one reason why I created this blog. I never did one before so let’s see how I create, learn and change.

“Think less, feel, create and express more.

Be in the moment, in the here and now.”


What’s this blog about?

This blog is about the breath, the moment, energy, everything, everyone, communities, nature, experience and books.

It’s all about me, you, us, sharing ideas and opinions, manifesting dreams, expanding and realize our mind, our thoughts and our perception.

Realizing that within everyone of us there is something that keeps us pushing forward, that leads us and that we should listen to.

Get excited we’ll see what this blog will become.

I would be glad to hear from you -> opinions, thoughts, ideas, questions.

Enjoy reading, have fun.

Thank you for your time. Peace 😀

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