The mind

Greetings people.

As you’ve probably mastered observing your thoughts and your mind.

Here some questions for you and the next step is following.

What are the two modes of mental activity?

Upon what do ease and perfection depend?

What is the value of the subconscious?

What are some of the functions of the conscious mind?

How has the distinction between the conscious and subconscious been expressed?

What method is necessary in order to impress the subconscious?

What will be the result?

What is the result of the operation of this law?

What names has been given to this law?

How is the law stated?

Meanwhile some things I notice for myself. The longer I mediate the more awake I become. It’s like giving and taking, a cycle between my mind, my body and probably my soul. Sitting itself is not exhausting but it’s also not not exhausting, but in that state of mindfulness, you see everything as it is and accept it. When you’re body is trembling you focus on another thought and the trembling is still there but the attention shifted. Or you’re fully in your mind just by taking your attention to your breathing.

There is so much more to this. When explaining this kind of stuff it’s hard like to describe a picture beauty to someone else. I would like to show you the picture but I’m only able to tell it by words and you’re probably can come close to what I want to show you or you’re not understanding it at all and it makes no sense to you. Especially when I’m not willing to explain it all to you, haha, but I think the less clearer the thing I say or want to show you. The more you’re thinking about it.

Peace. Breath deep. Namaste





Greetings people.

I just did some yoga and meditation and breathed deep. 🙂
So now I’m reading a book the title is ‘Become what you are’ – Alan Watts and I just want to share some lines with you.

It is made of consciousness and mind.
It is made of life and vision.
It is made of the earth and the waters.
It is made of air and space.
It is made of light and darkness.
It is made of desire and peace.
It is made of anger and love.
It is made of virtue and vice.
It is made of all that is near: It is made of all that is afar.

It is made of all.

Breath deep. Peace



A gift?

Greetings people.

It’s like mind is constanly thinking and these thoughts need a while to be transferred into my emotions. But since I started yoga and meditation they’re starting to flow more frequently and express themself in a better way.

Imagine it like starting to spin a wheel (Sanskrit m., चक्र, cakra, engl. Chakra).

Well and indeed it’s spinning.


I’m still reflecting thoughts, emotions and actions from the last months but lately my mind became more calm and grateful.

Every situation is a gift and is given to you for a reason not to hold onto it but it wants you to realize something that’s probably so obvious that when your frequency is low you seem to cannot see through.

Therefore you have to move out of your comfort zone, out of the thinking and controlling ourself not to think negative words or use them in any sense, clear out the mess in your head and appreciate yourself for who you are.

Become what you are.

Recently I just learned the ujjayi breath it gives you so much energy helping to spin your wheel unhooking from thoughts and senses. To me it doesn’t sound like snoring like some are saying, it sounds more like you being at the beach or you yourself being the wave/ocean.

It helps you to calm your mind, less thinking, more breathing. Being in the moment and being the body you are and breath.

Imagine you inhale(through the nose) and pulling the water back, hold the wave/breath for a few seconds and let it slowly go as you exhale(through the nose and sounds like a “haaah”). Repeat it for a few times and feel the breath.
Simply enjoy yourself and express that joy and other will see you, the real you not the mask you’re putting on.
“I’m resolving to just wing it and see what happens.”
― Bill Watterson 

Peace and breath deep.






Greetings People.

Yesterday I went to  my first Satsang (Sanskrit: सत्सङ्ग, sat = means true; sanga = company). It’s being in the company of truth or the good, we sat together in a group spiritual students.

We recited and sang mantras to Ganesha, Shiva and other goddess followed by music. Since I just started I don’t remember the names of the instruments nor the mantras.. But I did feel the “energy” if you can call it like that.

We also did some yoga and mediated to feel our inner self.

We also had the topic of liability and forgiving. We are all liable for the things happening around us (livestock farming, war, racism and the list goes on and on) and we should take our part and be the change we want to have in our environment.

We had to choose one topic or things we thought about where we have failed in our lifes and repeat the following lines in our minds.

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

Thank you.


I felt so much gratitude after this. For myself. For the people around. For the world.

It was accepting my whole being even if it was just for that moment. I still got this feeling in my chest.


Hope you enjoyed reading.





Greetings people.

I started to practice yoga and meditate more frequently, currently my mind and my thoughts are just constanly changing there is no real grounding by now.

Thoughts I did have yesterday are becoming none relevant or I’m just thinking about the thoughts differently.
I’m filtering out any thoughts, ideas and societies expectations(which have been implemented in my mind) that could harm myself or people I do care about. Probably that’s why it’s constanly changing because I do get different perspectives through meditation.

I’m going to let all that go and keep a balance and authentic for myself so my surroundings become more balanced. Not letting me be overwhelmed by negative or positive thougts just giving them a space where they I’m free to express.

Especially becoming authentic and more in tune with myself is one of the things I’m currently coming up with. I’m feeling more free to express and I’m not that invested in others perception of myself anymore.
There is still a way to go.

Breath deep. Peace