Quote ‘3’

“The word ‘person’ comes from the Latin word ‘persona’, which referred to the masks worn by actors in which sound would come through. The ‘person’ is the maskーthe role you’re playing. And all your friends and relations and teachers are busy telling you who you are and what your role in life is.” ~Alan Watts

Greetings people.

I totally agree with this quote, that’s exactly the reason why I kind of struggle now when leaving this mask behind. Letting myself be seen.

Currently I have such an insight to all things concerning me.

How I become what I’am and not what I’am, I let my little self be fooled by the surroundings back then and closed myself of this world and put on a mask. So that everyone appreciate me and accepts me instead of me accepting and appreciating myself.

I think I’m kind of repeating myself with my posts but I don’t care I write what’s on my mind and it’s for me it’s like I’m trying to convince myself. I still can’t believe it really, got some work to do.

It’s just so funny to see this in the now in this moment.

Breath deep. Peace


3 thoughts on “Quote ‘3’

  1. Oh, So you’ve listened to watts as well?. To be honest, He was the person who Really got me thinking about all this. And somewhat still defined my base philosophy about life. I mean, there is plenty of nonsense out there, but watts was the real deal.

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    1. Indeed. Looks like we’re the same on the philosophical base. But I just started. Listening to his recording make things feel kind of lighter and life starts getting more smoother. Found out about him when I was reading a book from Suzuki-sensei – how to become a zen master.
      Glad to found your blog, will enjoy reading and built my own base of philosophy.


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