Woaah, what is this?

Greetings people.

Yesterday just confirmed that I’m getting what I wish for. It’s really fun how the dots of the post moments connect to the now.

So when I’m not on the right “track” it’s probably still the right track, eventhough one is thinking it is not. But it’s maybe something you wish for yourself to happen to experience that experience. So things are getting funny right now, starting to roll down the hall.


Keep on breathing deep and improving yourself.

Your potential isn’t measurable don’t let it get distracted by unnecessary, but if you do it’s necessary haha, so be it. Don’t fit into any pattern given by any other than yourself and yourself is probably not that what you think it is, because most of the thoughts and idea are from other people, it’s kind of a fact that one is made of the environment they’re in, family, friends, society, but it’s up to oneself to decide. It’s not only up to oneself but also a responsibility to do so.

PS: Humans are so strange, haha. Some don’t know who they are, when nobody is showing them or giving them tools for the mind to find out.

See you around.





Greetings people.

All this time repressing my thoughts and feeling haha it feels great to release them in expressing. That’s now kinda my understanding of self-expression and the funny thing is as kids we’ve done that, we were present in the moment and expressed what we felt and said what we said as we were able but then we’ve learned and developed attitudes to protect ourself  and distance us from others through parents and eduction and our so called society. At least this goes for me I build a logical shell around me not letting anything out or in, tried to please others for acceptance and not showing what I want or need.. but becoming aware of that everything is shifting.

It’s still kind of wobbly being present in the moment and expressing what is currently up my mind.  I feel kind of sad that I wasn’t able to see this years earlier it seems that it just wasn’t the right time back then, this time was needed to start my recovery so I’m just being grateful for.

Currently I’m experiencing many synchronic moments so I think that path is the right one, especially because there is no right or wrong path. A path is a path therefore nor good nor bad.

Peace. Breath deep.





Old paradigm

In attempt to get me in tune with myself. I’m finding old paradigms I sort of developed thru childhood.
“If I am good, then i will be liked and loved, get the desire I want and have a life without problems.” Haha and here goes the thing I tried not to show these desires openly I which thought and this just produced the opposite of what I wanted it just made me feel powerless and weak.
Though trying to live as smooth and non-resistant even if it wasn’t for my sake. I remained a way of not needing and wanting anything Eventhough I desired I didn’t show.
I forgot that one major factor in this is “smooth-problem-free-life” is that life is not smooth or problem-free at all. our pure existence and all around us is by natures chaotic. Is is filled with the unpredictable and beyond my control, which I thought with making less I could escape. But the truth is I really can’t therefore and that just smacked my head today I need and will to surrender myself, it’s not meant to give up or not trying anything.

It’s accepting life the moment and the breath and the problems Which come and which already are I welcome them and am grateful for them to appear in front of me. I’m going to be more keen on learning, growing and being creative about current moments no gooddamn controlling.

Thanks to those who made me realise myself more and more.

My mind is wavery. My breath calm. Thanks for reading glad to hear comments.

“When you say ‘Yes’ to others, make sure you are not saying ‘No’ to yourself.” Paulo Coelho