Greetings People.

Yesterday I went to  my first Satsang (Sanskrit: सत्सङ्ग, sat = means true; sanga = company). It’s being in the company of truth or the good, we sat together in a group spiritual students.

We recited and sang mantras to Ganesha, Shiva and other goddess followed by music. Since I just started I don’t remember the names of the instruments nor the mantras.. But I did feel the “energy” if you can call it like that.

We also did some yoga and mediated to feel our inner self.

We also had the topic of liability and forgiving. We are all liable for the things happening around us (livestock farming, war, racism and the list goes on and on) and we should take our part and be the change we want to have in our environment.

We had to choose one topic or things we thought about where we have failed in our lifes and repeat the following lines in our minds.

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

Thank you.


I felt so much gratitude after this. For myself. For the people around. For the world.

It was accepting my whole being even if it was just for that moment. I still got this feeling in my chest.


Hope you enjoyed reading.




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