Greetings people.

Imagine you’re all alone in space and you can fulfill every wish you yourself have. You’re able to create galaxies, planets, nature itself, living beings with whom you can enjoy all the things, jump in time back and forth, do all the craziest sports, and what else you can imagine.

Someday everything seems to get quite.

Every dream and wish you have came true. You enjoyed everything.

“What else can I do?”, is the question you have on your mind.

Some time passes you are still enjoying some of your old dreams.

But someday you just sit down and come back to your breath and watch life goes by and an idea comes up.

How about creating multiple beings of myself you think. You think about enjoying life without being able to fulfill any wishes.

Just living in the moment and enjoying. All your energy in motion on the way from one moment to the next one.

So you’ll set your mind in a state compared to sleep to eventually wake up when of the beings you created become you again.

To start the same cycle again.

You yourself would flow through everything though you created everything and you are everything.

You are the moment. You are infinite. You are part of it.


Have fun.



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